The insurance companies stipulate that the office see your child's insurance card at every visit. If you are unable to show it, they require you to sign a payment waiver in case the insurance coverage is incorrect. We recommend taking a picture of your child’s insurance card on your phone so you have a copy with you at all times.

We accept most major insurance plans. If you have any questions, please call our office to find out if we accept your insurance.

Copayments are due in full at the time of the office visit, as per all insurance policy guidelines. This requirement applies to weekday and weekend office visits. If your child is accompanied by a non-parent to a visit, we are still required to collect the co-payment on the day of the visit. Please plan accordingly.

If you are having financial difficulties, you may easily arrange a payment plan with our office manager. While we cannot waive fees, we can always set up a monthly payment plan, should the need arise.