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Flu Shot Clinic Information

We are happy to let you know that we will begin a series of multiple flu vaccine clinics starting in September. We will notify you about your child's scheduled day and time. We will have ample supply of vaccines and will offer clinics throughout September, October, and November until 100% of our patients are vaccinated.

Unlike past flu clinics, this year the clinics will include smaller groups of patients, scheduled time slots outside of school and work hours, and will occur out-of-doors to ensure health and safety for our patients.

Our early September flu clinics will focus on our medically high risk patients and after that we will systematically schedule everyone else. Each of you will get vaccinated in plenty of time before the flu season begins and we have enough supply for all of our patients.

No need to call and schedule: We will notify you about your child's scheduled day and time. When you are notified about your child's flu clinic appointment, please read the whole email. It will contain important information about the flu clinic such as:

  • What time to arrive
  • Where to park
  • What to bring
  • What to wear

You will be required to bring a "ticket"/flu clinic form. The form must be filled out in advance for each patient. Click here to download the form.

We will NOT be offering lollipops this year, so if your child enjoys the usual lollipop after the shot, we ask you to purchase that in advance and offer it at home. We do not want children to take off the mask to eat or drink.

We will be able vaccinate parents and nannies who sign up and pay in advance. We know many of you count on us as your source for your flu shot and are happy to continue that this year.